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    Aenean vulputate eleifend.
    10:10 AM, Today Anna Veber
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    Aenean vulputate eleifend.
    10:12 AM, Today Vincent
Basic Example

Automatically convert a file input to a bootstrap file input widget by setting its class as file.

Hide file preview thumbnails.

Use file input attributes. For example, hide/show display of upload button and caption.

Set the file input widget to be readonly or disabled.

Advanced Example

Set maximum file upload size to 100 KB. Display preview on load with preset files/images and captions with overwriteInitial set to false. So the initial preview is always displayed when additional files are overwritten (useful for multiple upload) scenario.

Display the widget as a single block button.

Control button labels, styles, and icons for the browse.

Change position of buttons from right to left.